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Calculation Solitaire Tutorial

Calculation Solitaire

Calculation Solitaire is a game where you have to increment the numbers you place in the foundation by a multiple of the card placed to the right of the foundatioin. You have 5 piles where you can place cards at the top of the game screen. To deal a card, you click the deck on the right. The card must be placed into either a pile or a foundation before you can take another card from the deck.

Calculation Solitaire Deck

If the value of the card you drew corresponds to one of the "Next" values listed to the right of the foundations, you can place the card into the foundation. Otherwise you have to put the card into a pile.

Calculation Solitaire

You can move a card to one of the piles at any time, even if there is a card in the pile already. The trick is, you can only move the top card in the pile to the foundations, and you can't move cards between the piles at all. This means you need to think through what cards will need to be placed soon, and which ones will not need to be placed for a little while.

Calculation Solitaire

To move a card, just drag and drop it into the pile or foundation you want to place it.

Calculation Solitaire

Spider Sol

Spider Solitaire is a classic solitaire card game played with two decks. You try and build the cards into columns going from King to Ace.


Yukon is a classic solitaire card game similar to Klondike. Instead of dealing cards from a deck, all cards are dealt into columns at the beginning of the game.


Freecell is a classic solitaire card game where you can move cards between the columns, or into freecells located on the top left of the game screen.


Gaps is a great little solitaire card game where you can move cards into gaps trying to arrange the cards into order by suit.

Golf Solitaire

In Golf Solitaire you move cards out of the 7 columns and into a pile at the bottom of the game screen if the card in the column is one greater than or one less than the card in the pile.


Scorpion Solitaire is a little like Spider Solitaire. In Scorpion you can grab the column of cards from any card within the column. Also the cards never disappear.

La Belle Lucie

La Belle Lucie is a challenging solitaire card game where you have many small piles, and you can only build those piles down by suit.


Pyramid Solitaire is a popular solitaire card game where you try and match up cards that added together make 13.


Calculation Solitaire is a game where the player must group the cards in the deck into piles by multiples of the card next to the pile. (1,2,3, or 4).


Cruel Solitaire is a game where you build up 4 foundations, and can rearrange cards into piles building them down by suit. When you run out of moves you can shift cards back into piles of 4.


Shamrocks is a pile based solitaire card game where you can't put more than 3 cards in a single pile. You can build the piles up or down and without regard to suit.


Tower Solitaire is similar to Golf Solitaire, except the cards are arranged into a pyramid.

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